A-Touchinter is a company dedicated to developing and trading products that constitute a complete and innovative solution for home automation.
Marketed under the brand A-TOUCH, all products are made with quality materials and advanced technical solutions, allowing the visualization and control of all systems in a house anywhere in the world via the phone or tablet. The solution includes control lighting (intensity and color), blinds and curtains, gates, irrigation system, HVAC, security and sound are fully scalable.
A-TOUCH is a home automation solution that allows you to take your home always with you, wherever you go.
Product distribution is done exclusively through stockists or system integrators on an exclusive basis by regions to avoid competition and market dispersion, thus making it more interesting and safe all the investments from our partners.

Control your house wherever you are!

With A-TOUCH your home is protected against intrusion, fire or smoke, gas and water leaks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.